Google Street View Treks

Client: Google

Concept, website, documentary film series

Sharing the world’s most beautiful and remote places

The Google Maps team goes above and beyond to capture the imagery in the product. In addition to the now famous Street View car, the team also scales mountains, dives into coral reefs and crosses deserts with the Street View camera on their backs.

Trekkers captures the incredible efforts of the Maps team, while also sharing the beauty of these hard to reach locations. We partnered with NGOs around the world to tell authentic stories about each one, as well as raise awareness about the need to preserve them.

Not everyone will have the chance to scale the Burj Khalifa or explore Angkor Wat, but Trekkers provides the next best thing, accessible from anywhere.

“Thanks to Street View trekkers, us common folk get to experience the entire world without ever leaving our home.”

Business Insider
  • Digiday Video Awards

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