Goals in Google Calendar

Client: Google

Launch film

Keeping you on track of your life's goals

We all have goals in life, but finding the time to stick with them can be hard. But the easier it is to make time for our goals, the more likely we are to keep with them.

Goals in Google Calendar can help. Since Calendar already knows the day’s events, it can find the time to make and stick with goals.

We introduced Goals in Calendar with a relatable, human story about Brad. Brad decides to set some goals for self-improvement and Calendar helps him get there, even when life gets in the way.

Helpful goal-setting features were highlighted so viewers could easily go and set their own goals in Calendar. And we stayed true to the playful, illustrated style of the UI to bring out the brand’s personality.

The launch generated a flurry of press attention from New York Times, CNBC, TechCrunch and even the Today Show, proving a top scheduling tool users have relied on for years now can help them create healthy habits too.

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