Facebook Messenger

Client: Facebook

Brand Strategy, Campaign

Chit-chat is so 2015

Messenger caused a stir when it became a stand-alone app in 2015. But as excitement settled, the platform needed to beef up its offering in order to outpace more familiar messaging tools.  We helped tell the brand story, one innovation at a time.

Showcasing all the fun new ways to use the platform gave Messenger its own personality.  And it connected with a young, energized audience, giving them reason to make Messenger their new chat home.

Meanwhile, we seeded simple, animated content on Facebook Newsfeed, reminding people of the countless reasons to use the everyday features of Messenger.

The entire body of work was tied together with a wink and a grin,  and a vibrant brand language. Whether you’re just dropping a quick note to say hi, or challenging an old friend to a Pac-Man grudge match, Messenger lets you say it better.

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