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Meet Sammi

September 25, 2017

A virtual assistant built by B-Reel, for B-Reel

As virtual assistants and bots are becoming more common in our lives, we wanted to learn more about how they work, and where the opportunities for creativity exist. As we began to play around with what’s currently out there, we realized it would be interesting to explore the role of personality in the relationship between us and our virtual assistants. Most virtual assistants work hard to be as inconspicuous and predictable as possible - but they offer the same, general experience for any user around the globe, regardless of age, culture or personal interests.

Our office virtual assistant would need more personality. It would need to not only answer our questions and help us be more productive - it needed to be fun and make us happy! We wanted to add some of the friction that exist in between real people, where different backgrounds and personalities shape our interactions.

Enter, Sammi. She’s the Swedish grandmother that takes care of us in our LA office, five thousands miles from home.

Visit Sammi at

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