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Because SheSays so

by B-Reel in NYC
October 03, 2017

B-Reel recently had the privilege of hosting a SheSays event in our new Brooklyn space

We 3-D printed a SheSays logo in honor of the event

SheSays is an international organization of women working in creative fields across industries, and it is open and free for everyone - as are the monthly panels held on various topics.

B-Reel held a panel entitled “The New Luxury” and invited attendees to discuss sustainability, not only in terms of the environment but in terms of brand viability and production. Our panelists included Kelly Wright, director of Strategy at B-Reel, Rachel Espersen, head of creative programming and partnerships at Lexus, Sophie Isherwood, senior writer at Aesop (filling in for Marsha Meredith, Aesop CD who unfortunately lost her voice the night of the event). Moderated by B-Reel CSO Kate Hironaka, the conversation kicked off with a brief introduction to each panelists’ experience in the luxury space.

When discussing sustainability among luxury brands the discussion is bound to get heated. Long before we planned on opening the floor to questions attendees began a rousing discussion of the pitfalls of the luxury industry, sustainability, and a debate about whether small steps are better than nothing or if a full overhaul of the system was necessary to continue being sustainable. Students, CEOs, and everyone in between engaged in lively conversation which continued after the panel concluded. This is precisely why we participate in panels like this - to have conversations that lead to shaping the industry, and the world.

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